Guild 01’s Getting a Sequel?

It’s not even out in Japan yet and the developers are apparently talking about making a sequel called ‘Guild02’. Maybe they should hold their horses and see if the game does well at retail first?!/sinobintage/

Apparently it says something about a sequel being planned with Keiji Inafune being one of the people involved with the project.

Still, it’s interesting to know someone’s optimistic about their game’s chances of success, even if the game hasn’t been released yet they plan to follow up with a successor…

3DS Sells Over 6 Million in Japan!

No figures for how it’s doing in the US or Europe recently, but it’s nice to know the console’s doing pretty well and has sold over 6 million units in the country, correct?

According to Kotaku, here’s what Famitsu said about it:

Well, the 3DS keeps thumping right along. As of May 20, it’s passed the six million sold milestone (6,017,206 to be exact) since going on sale in Japan. Congrats!

So according to Wiki, it must be at about 18 million + worldwide so far.  Given it needs 151 million sales to catch up to the old DS (and probably Game Boy), it’s got a bit to go.  Still, assuming it’s at about 20 million worldwide in just over a year’s time, then according to basic calculations the console should ideally sell about 160 million units total worldwide some time in the future.

Congrats to the 3DS for doing so well in Japan!

Mario Tennis Open Launch Trailer

It’s a launch trailer for Mario Tennis Open, in case you’re still undecided about buying the game and need some more persuasion from Nintendo and their marketing team.  However, given how much most people here tend to like the Mario sports games and how quite a few regular visitors have bought this game quite a while ago, there’s not much to do other than enjoy the video and congratulate yourself on how you bought a Mario game before the general public did.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s a good game though, although maybe a bit lacking in options and game modes compared to the likes of Mario Power Tennis.

Still, there’s a trailer for the game, go out and buy it if you like Mario spinoffs, etc.

Is Castlevania Mirror of Fate coming to 3DS Soon?

It’s only a rumoured game so far, but considering how common the Castlevania series is on Nintendo’s handhelds (every single one had at least two or three of them to its name), it seems like a fairly plausible one.

However, there are some interesting things about it. Namely, if the game happens to be real, it’s not being made by Konami themselves, but by Mercury Steam.  Still thankfully a 2D game, just by a very different development studio.  They do have experience with the franchise however, their last game was the Castlevania ‘reboot’ Lords of Shadow that was released in 2010.  May we be getting another such game, except this time as a 3DS title?

Never the less, the game will be reviewed at E3 this year if it exists.  And hey, we need to get another Castlevania title soon, right?  For a Nintendo handheld, it’s kind of disappointing we didn’t get one mere months after launch to be perfectly honest…

Do you think this rumoured Castlevania title is real, and would you want such a game on 3DS?

There aren’t new characters in Mario Tennis Open

Sorry people on Nintendo 3DS Community who thought that Rosalina might be a new character for Mario Tennis Open, Nintendo has officially come out and said otherwise.  From their recent press release:

Track down the playable Yoshis by finding the Mario Tennis Open QR codes


a massive Yoshi hunt will soon become available ahead of the upcoming Mario Tennis Open launch on 25th May. The hunt, entitled The Yoshi Chase, will involve tracking down a series of different-coloured Yoshis, playable in Mario Tennis Open, through corresponding QR codes released over the coming weeks through various channels.

Looks like the QR code characters are all a bunch of different coloured Yoshis unfortunately.  Of course, they couldn’t make these QR codes easy to find, oh no:

the Black Yoshi will be distributed first exclusively through 30 Asda stores on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May, between the hours of 9.30AM and 5.30PM

Oh joy, it’s like the days of Pokemon again, where you had to trawl all through the local game stores and hope the one near you was giving out Mew/Celebi/Deoxys.  Considering they mention Asda specifically, that makes it even worse because in the UK they don’t have any kind of monopoly in their market, they’re only one of about five major brands of supermarket.  It’s extremely common to have a town without a single one of their stores in it, making this method of promotion nearly worthless.

And yes, it’s just Yoshi:

White, Blue and Red Yoshi will follow at a later date.

Hooray for complete unoriginality!

Have Nintendo come up with a worse set of unlockable characters than the ones in Mario Kart 7?  I think they may just well have. Still, at least this is merely QR codes, something you can at least share on the internet.  Useful for the large majority of us in the UK who don’t feel like going to a supermarket they never buy anything from for a stupid Nintendo promotion.

Still, sorry people, looks like the secret characters in Mario Tennis Open really are just a bunch of different coloured Yoshis.