New Super Mario Bros Box Art; All about the Money!

No seriously, the box art for New Super Mario Bros 2 is interesting to say the least:

Gone are happy go lucky Mushroom Kingdom scenes showing Mario and co jumping on enemies, now they’re just hunting for cash apparently.  Luigi runs around collecting coins like a copy of Wario, Mario looks like he’s won the lottery and the sheer amount of gold on the cover makes me think Nintendo is taking the game’s centric gimmick just a little too far…

Cynically part of me thinks ‘is all this focus on money such a good idea in a recession?’ I mean, it’s already a little against the spirit of the Super Mario Bros series to feature gold coins in such an overly prominent fashion, but it might come off as nearly as tasteless as Fortune Street did.

What do you think of the New Super Mario Bros 2 Box art?

Full 3DS Release Schedule (from Nintendo’s Press site)

Want to know when each of Nintendo’s latest games are going to come out?  Well here’s the current 3DS game release schedule Nintendo has just released to tell you just that:

[table id=6 /]

[table id=7 /]

As you may have figured out, most major/decent titles are going to be out in either Autumn or Winter.  Kind of unfortunate timing that given that the Wii U is supposedly coming out at about that time of year as well.

Oh, and the same old shovelware which plagued the original DS and Wii is back. Oh don’t we just love the Imagine series?

Still, hopefully that helps tell people when the latest 3DS games are coming out.  Even if it does have the potential to be completely obsolete by the time of Nintendo’s 3DS video tomorrow night…

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Screens

First clear screenshots and artwork of this game, and it honestly looks pretty great.

Despite it being in 3D, the game doesn’t look half bad for a Castlevania game.

The logo and temporary box art look pretty good too.  Well, the logo does, they haven’t seemed to have decided what they plan to use for the background image yet.

Finally, some great artwork of the main characters:

I’m actually kind of optimistic about this game to be perfectly honest.  I mean, it’s not likely a game I’ll end up buying, but it could turn out to be at least half decent and a proper translation of the classic Castlevania gameplay into 3D.

Anyone agree?

Paper Mario Sticker Star Screens and Artwork

All those who thought this game would be entirely based around stickers are right.  Still, it looks to be a very interesting Mario RPG, even if the new core gameplay mechanic is gaining a few detractors here and there.

So Sticker Star eh?  Why do I think I can already tell exactly how this game’s going to work?  I bet it’ll have eight star shaped objects to collect in eight chapters loosely ‘parodying’ something or another in Paper Mario style.

The artwork looks nice enough I guess.

What the hell is up with that giant Goomba?  It looks really, really mad!

Oh look, did Mario level up?  Or this just the character art style being used on the official website.

Grassy meadow.  Seems a bit plain, although it looks like you literally pull the stickers off the background.

Snow world.  Not sure where the enemies are…

Fire Mario is apparently a sticker effect.  Pretty cool really, given how it seems you’ll also have the POW block, Racoon Leaf, Frog Suit and Ice Flower.

Hooray for fighting desert enemies!

Mario and his sticker book.

This character I don’t like.  I know she’s important somehow, but her design is Super Paper Mario NPC/Pixl quality, aka terrible.  Bring back traditional Mario enemy species for the main characters, not random objects and shapes!

So that’s Paper Mario Sticker Star for you, the 3DS’s Mario RPG of the moment.  Given how stickers supposedly replace things like partners, I’m kind of wary of the main mechanic, but it doesn’t seem like that far a step back.  Heck, a very similar gimmick was done with Bros Items in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time.

What do you think of Paper Mario Sticker Star?

Reznor is in New Super Mario Bros 2!

Well, there’s other cool stuff obviously, but the prophecy has come true!  The awesomeness that is the four dinosaurs on a spinning wheel that is Reznor is making a reappearance for the first time in years, on the Nintendo 3DS!

Yes, he returns after many years of absence!  First it was the Koopalings, then Boom Boom, now Reznor!  Nintendo’s revived the fortress bosses from Super Mario Bros 3 and World again, and bringing them to the next generation!

Of course, there’s also this cool platforming, but Reznor’s much cooler anyway.

Underground with gold Mario! Not sure about the golden enemies/coins gimmick, but it’s a New Super Mario Bros game, that’s awesome in itself!

Mushroom jumping level in the sky.

Still, New Super Mario Bros 2 features Reznor everyone!  Damn Nintendo knows how to please the fans!