Congratulations to our DrawU Week Winners!

Howdy all, NintenDan here. Probably my second post here on this site.

ANYHOOS! So we had a DrawU Week at Nintendo 3DS Community (the forums, simply put) where members had to draw their Mii alongside a Nintendo character, or dressed up as one! It was a goal that was very flexible and open to interpretation, as you will see below at the gallery of entrants.

Of course, no competition is good without some winners. This one had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, all of whom will receive a fancy pants award/badge/thingy! Fun!

Without further ado, the winners are, in order of first to third place:

  1. Link Mii, by HDeity
  2. Girl vs Ghirahim, by Din, and
  3. Mii + Shy Guy, by NintenDan (wait, that’s me!)

So congratulations! Check out these three winners below, and then look at the rest of the submissions! A huge thanks to everyone who entered, it really is appreciated!


New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Total shared across all files?

Another potentially bizarre game design decision from Nintendo seemingly, it turns out New Super Mario Bros 2’s total coin count is shared across all three files rather than a per file thing like most scores are in other Mario games.  So when the total number of coins collected across files reaches the million total, you get the golden statue prize or whatever it is.

Good?  Not sure.  On the one hand, at least it means you don’t need to reach a million coins by yourself/on one file, and hence anyone playing through the game will add to your total regardless of the file used.  Makes it a bit easier to get there, just like how Smash Bros counts total hours played as the total times the number of players.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if some players weren’t too happy with this idea and wanted a seperate total for each file.  Hard to imagine I guess, but hey some people have some strange ideas and might want to try reaching a million coins on each file independently.

All in all, an interesting decision on Nintendo’s part and a rather odd little quirk with New Super Mario Bros 2.

Is the next Smash Bros really going to be two distinct games?

With one of these (the 3DS one) being a retro throwback with old school characters like Stanley and Mach Rider?  That’s what the latest rumours from the likes of Zelda Informer are saying, and it’d be a very interesting design decision if true.  But is it?

First up, here’s the gist of the concept from the original article.  Basically, one game features characters and elements from ‘classic’ Nintendo games and one from ‘modern’ Nintendo games, and apparently they’re linkable in some way (I presume the ‘close platform’ thing was meant to read ‘cross platform’, as in characters from one game ‘transferrable’ to the other or something).  They then mentioned these characters in the old style one:

  • Donkey Kong Jr
  • Stanley
  • Mach Rider
  • Ridley (NES style)
  • Takamaru
  • Pac-Man
  • Dig Dug

But while the idea seems interesting, I’m highly skeptical of whether it’s all true.  For one thing, while Pac-Man is certainly a ‘retro’ character and a possible Smash Bros addition anyway, would he really be limited to the ‘memories’ game?  He’s kind of Namco’s mascot so to speak, or at least one of their most recognisable characters, so it seems a bit more plausible he’d be included in both Smash Bros games if any.  And some of the other characters seem debatable.  Dig Dug, really?

Although Stanley from Donkey Kong 3 is at least somewhat plausible as a retro throwback character.

Other things hurt the idea as well.  For one thing, what the heck is classed as ‘retro’?  Because with a good hundred or so years of Nintendo history, an awful lot can be classed as retro or old school now.  Is it just NES and arcade era stuff?  How about SNES or Nintendo 64 games? Do Game Boy games count?

You might as well go asking them to reference Radarscope and Hanafuda playing cards at this rate.  Basically, the point I was making is that with a large company like Nintendo which has been around nearly forever and making games ever since the original video game crash, it’s kind of ambiguous what’s really modern any more.  Remember that whilst a lot of people did indeed grow up with the NES and arcades, a similarly large group was raised on games like A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Chrono Trigger, etc.  A later gen was raised on Mario 64, GoldenEye, Ocarina of Time, etc. How about those who mainly played handheld games?  Is Pokemon Red and Blue ‘retro’ now?  It’d be kind of problematic really making a game to celebrate ‘retro’ Nintendo when  for every individual series that could mean something completely different and when at least three or four generations are seen as such now.

Is this retro?

The source is another reason to call things into question here, a whole bunch of likely made up rumours and ‘insider’ information has come out of Zelda Informer.  Didn’t they just a few weeks back mention how Nintendo was supposed to buying Rare and making a new Banjo Kazooie game?  Seems like someone’s really trying to wind them up and send them false information for a ‘cruel’ joke.  They definitely have a history of fake news and unverified rumours, so it’s probably best to treat this ‘information’ as such too.

None the less, it’s an intriguing concept if true, it sort of turns Smash Bros into a series version of Sonic Generations or what not and definitely distinguishes both games.  However, with the general lack of reliability of the source site and some of the issues raised by the concept, I’m kind of doubting this rumour is true.


New Super Mario Bros 2 Reviews are in; Game is good not great

Want the positive news or the negative news?  Well on the good side, all the reviews for this game have generally been above a 7/10, so it’s not like the core gameplay has been screwed around with particularly much or that the game isn’t fun.  On the bad side, the game’s supposedly lacking in interesting content and hasn’t got quite as good scores as most other platformers in the series history.

Here are the review scores as of now:

  1. Famitsu: 36/40 (92-94%)
  2. Official Nintendo Magazine: 90%
  3. Eurogamer (Spanish version): 90%
  4. Nintendo Gamer/NGamer: 80%
  5. Destructoid: 70%
  6. GamesTM: 70%

As previously said, not the best Mario game in history, but it still seems like it’d be a good buy given how highly most sources think of the actual gameplay and game mechanics despite their dislike of the ‘stale’ content.

Were these scores too high?  Were they too low?  What do you think?

Apologies for lack of updates

Personal life related issues have got in the way and given me next to no time to update either the website or the forums. However, considering I now have a one day or so break, I guess it’s time for a whole bunch of 3DS game related news and what not!