New Super Mario Bros 2 Art shows whole of world 1!

All from the official website for the game this stuff is.  Apparently there’s a full picture of world 1 where you can click all the level icons to view various scenes from the level located there, as well as official art of characters like Mario and Princess Peach.  Here’s the full world 1 scene:

Click the picture for the full size image.

It’s not particularly innovative (world 1 here has much the same general layout as world 1 in the original New Super Mario Bros, just with the levels in different spots), but it looks fairly nice regardless and should please those of us who actually like the themed worlds in the Mario series.

And above is the first picture of a Toad House in New Super Mario Bros 2.  Nothing particularly special, it’s basically the same layout as the ones in the original DS game minus the ‘mini game’ inside (I assume you can only get one item at a time, right?)

Mario in an underwater level.  Nothing too interesting here other than that the Cheep Chomp enemy (Boss Bass like creature that eats Mario in one gulp) apparently returns for this game and acts much like it did in the earlier titles.

Just a picture of the first level, which has been seen so many times it’s not really worth discussing.  Moving on.

That’s not all the new screens though.  While the ones above are from the Japanese website, there are also some new ones that can be found on the European or US official sites for the game.  Here they are:

This castle picture shows the first castle.  As you can see, it has ropes, Dry Bones and Podoboos, all of which seem to be now confirmed for the game.  Looks pretty tricky too, that Podoboo is placed in a really precarious spot that will require some tricky manouvering to get past.

Mario gets the ring that turns all the enemies and objects into gold.  The star effect here is pretty nifty, don’t you think?

And here Mario is kicking a Gold Shell.  Seems like whenever he does this it leaves a nice trail of money wherever it goes.

In addition to these screenshots, there’s also some more official art.  It’s not particularly new (I think much of it was reused from the first New Super Mario Bros game), but it’s nice to have available regardless.

Fire Mario, looking as he always does.

Mini Mario returns after a one game long absence. Did you know this also appeared in Mario Pinball Land after its Mario Party 4 appearance and prior to its New Super Mario Bros one?

As does Mega Mario.

There’s also art of Princess Peach on the official site.  Not much to say about her here, she looks the same as in every Mario game in existance.

We’ve also got some new videos and trailers taken from the official site.  Here’s the game’s intro (sorry for all the loading, it auto plays the minute you open the story page):

As well as a miscellaneous new trailer from the site:

That’s lots of new artwork and screenshots, but does it indicate the game’s not a mission pack sequel?  Not sure.  On the one hand, there are more changes to it the gameplay than critics give the game credit for, but these new pieces of artwork and screenshots don’t exactly help the game’s image too much (with the similar world 1 map and artwork being a little too close to the DS title’s equivalents).

Do you want to buy New Super Mario Bros 2?  Has any of this new artwork changed your mind?

More New Super Mario Bros 2 Footage; New Overview Trailer Released!

This one has some difficult to translate Japanese commentary in the background due to the fact it’s meant to talk about things like the coin rush mode, but it shows a huge amount of new footage of the game including more of the ghost house and numerous difficult new castle levels.  Let’s analyse it!

Well, we’ve all seen Boo Rings in Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros Wii, right?  Here’s their underwater equivalent, Fish Rings!  No seriously, circling Cheep Cheeps seem to be a new obstacle in this game.

Do the fish change facial expressions every few seconds like the ghosts?

There’s also those sinking Mushroom platforms found in New Super Mario Bros.  Better run quickly Mario!

However, next we have something I don’t think we have seen in the New Super Mario Bros series, boulder like spike balls rolling around snow levels.  They remind me of those metal spiky balls from New Super Mario Bros and its Wii successor, I assume these are the NSMB 2 palette swapped equivalent.

But the video is just getting started.  The real interesting additions to the game are to come.  After a short few words and clips showing the other modes…

We get the overworld!  It looks much the same as in New Super Mario Bros for DS, except much cleaner and more modern looking.  It’s nothing special, but it looks decent enough and it does its job just fine.

Why does the grass have lines going across it?  Did Bowser use a lawnmower again?

We also see the title screen, which now seems to have a coin counter on it.  No, the red line isn’t in game, that was added by the ‘special effects team’ presumably responsible for the video on Nintendo’s website.  But still, interesting to see the counter right there on the title screen.

Later, we see some new footage of Mario in a castle in Raccoon form.  Looks like we’ll need to do some flying in actual levels now, as in need to fly to beat some of them.  This exact example doesn’t look too hard (follow the blocks of floating money), but some of the later examples could be a different story.

After some footage showing footage of all the items from this game (Raccoon Leaf, Fire Flower, Mini and Mega Mushrooms) and pointless footage of various StreetPass features, we get some of our first footage of an underwater level in New Super Mario Bros 2!  Better get used to dodging lots of Bloopers…

Keep in mind these Bloopers aren’t just falling away here, they’re turning around and trying to hunt poor Mario down.  And there’s at least six on screen in the area to make your life a misery…

The next area puts lots of Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills with snake blocks…

If Raccoon Mario or Luigi fall, they’re not getting up again in one piece.

And hope you like dodging giant killer boulders in narrow underwater passages, because those are in this game.  Oh well, at least they one hit kill any enemy they come into contact with, like the poor Blooper in the video found out the hard way.

If you’re become increasingly convinced that this could be the hardest 2D Mario game in a while, you’re not the only one.  And the levels later in the video make it quite clear Nintendo is pulling no punches with the difficulty.  Thanks to the super guide being an option, the harder levels will annihilate you.  Period.

What the hell.  Is that an UNDERWATER spike gauntlet?  Yes, it’s an underwater tower/castle where you have to narrow dodge massive spike columns that constantly smash into each other.  I guess the blocks give you a clue about where to wait to avoid being crushed, but… this level looks hard.

And this one has Mini Mario Bullet hopping!

Looks like it’s become an accepted gameplay technique, since this area seems to require you to bounce off Bullet Bills to survive. Oh dear, another hellish level in the marking, who wants to bet people will complain this one’s too difficult online?

We also get more of the ghost house from the first trailer:

As you can see, it looks like a pretty tough ghost house to finish, set in a vertical tower or something and with stairs that drop off into nothing.  Also, am I the only one getting Super Mario World vibes from this game?  And even more from every video of it?

What the hell?  The Koopalings chase Mario in a castle level, in Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car?  That’s pretty awesome.  Apparently they shoot magic spells at him and stuff, which is a very nice idea for a castle gimmick if you ask me.  Is this the final castle?

And to end the ‘analysis’ of the video, here’s Mario and Luigi happily jumping around and collecting coins in a bonus level.

There’s also the first ever Japanese commercials for the game, which can be seen here:

As well as some pretty neat art of Reznor.  I think this is the first ever time the character has ever had official artwork of him, right?

Hopefully those videos should get people even more interested in buying New Super Mario Bros 2, or less skeptical about the game if they’re too stubborn to even consider it, since Nintendo seem to be amping the difficulty up and adding all kinds of interesting new level gimmicks in this title!

What do you think of the new trailers and artwork!

Nintendo Shoots down criticisms of New Super Mario Bros 2 with new trailer!

Remember how everyone was going on about how samey New Super Mario Bros 2 looks and how it seems the game isn’t doing anything too different from the DS and Wii installments?  Well even though the announcement of Gold Mario and the footage showing this new gimmick showed some new ideas, Nintendo has gone even further with their latest trailer and shown exactly how new the game really is.

Here’s the trailer:

And Nintendo’s version:

For instance, it looks like there’s an all new graphics style in at least one level in the game, black and white Castle Bleck style versions of the Super Mario Bros 3 tileset!  It’s a visually striking and overall quite interesting new graphics style I must say, and it’s the first time bar those scenes at the end of SMB 3 levels that Nintendo have ever done the monochrome white outlines with black coloured objects thing in a mainstream game!

A very visually striking New Super Mario Bros 2 level, or what Castle Bleck would look like in shades of blue rather than black.

The end of the trailer shows something very interesting too, appearing/disappearing block pathways.  Not block trains/snakes, the kind found in Super Mario Galaxy that appear block by block.  Pretty nifty I say, even if the fans did it many years earlier:

There’s also one… well not bad thing, but annoying element returning as well.  You know those falling volcanic rocks/meteors from New Super Mario Bros 8-8 and New Super Mario Bros Wii 8-1?  Those return, and are in the same level as the appearing/disappearing block pathways.  Did I mention they can destroy the appearing blocks and make your life a misery? Nintendo looks to be going all out in world 8’s difficulty this time!

This is going to be the next generation’s equivalent to Tubular or world 8’s Airship level in SMB 3. The one people talk about dying fifty million times on.

There’s also what looks to be either a special world level or bonus area with rainbow coloured platforms and a crystal clear sky with a rainbow going through it.  It’s nothing particularly ‘new’ to the series, but it does look nice enough and is a definite visual departure from the rest of the bonus worlds in the series.

Above: I do have to say this looks really quite nice.

There’s also what seems to be a lot more spikes and mines to avoid in this game, with the trailer showing Mini Mario desperately trying to dodge them while running across a lake filled with Cheep Cheeps, as well as avoiding some spiky columns in the sky.  It’s probably nothing special, but it reminds me a little of Yoshi’s Island and the thorns that’d knock out Yoshi/kill him instantly on contact.

In addition to the above, we also get our first glimpse at a ghost house from New Super Mario Bros 2.  Looks like you’ll be able to turn Boos and Big Boos into gold via switches and the Gold Mario power up, and that those spider webs from the forest levels will also be ghost house obstacles as well.  Wonder if the Big Boo boss fight from Super Mario World will show up?  I mean, we’ve already got the Koopalings and Reznor, might as well complete the set!

Think this’ll return?  Think we’ll be able to throw objects upwards again?

Finally, I might as well put to rest the myth that New Super Mario Bros 2 is merely like a ‘hack’ of New Super Mario Bros 1 or recycles tilesets and backgrounds.  Yes there’s a lot of similarities in the style, but if you look carefully enough you’ll realise that not one of the backgrounds or foregrounds is reused from another game.  Have a nice comparison image or five:

This is hardly the most similar two first levels in history, is it?  The former has far more detail and far more of a Super Mario Bros 3/World feel to it while the DS one went for a style sort of remniscient of Super Mario 64.  They look nothing alike bar the general similar ‘layout’/castle placement.

And the cave is the same.  New Super Mario Bros 2 looks a lot more like the Wii game, except the background seems a lot more faded in the 3DS title than either of its predecessors.

Right is the background, left is NSMB DS, bottom left is the 3DS title.  The background is completely different, as is the foreground tileset.  It’s not like the Wii game either, since it seems the Wii one has clearly prominent windows in the distance whereas the 3DS game has none.

Again, the 3DS title has nothing similar to the DS one as far as beach graphics go.  The clouds are a different style, the hills are a different style, there are more palm trees and decoration and the water is totally different.  It looks a bit more like New Super Mario Bros Wii, but the graphics look a lot more faded as if the background elements are further away from the level.

Finally, the castles are nothing alike.  New Super Mario Bros DS was always a bit of an oddball game here, it had castle graphics that were never seen again in anything else and had a rather different style that’s not shared with either the Wii or 3DS games.  New Super Mario Bros 2’s castle looks more like a toned down version of the Wii game’s ones.

Hence in conclusion, New Super Mario Bros 2 is a lot more original than people think and the trailer kind of proves it with all the new gimmicks and additions.  What do you think of the new elements Nintendo has added like the appearing block paths and semi monochrome SMB 3 like areas?

Genesect officially revealed for Pokemon Black and White!

It’s been finally revealed in Coro Coro Magazine, as well as the ‘official’ method to get it in Japan as of this point in time.  Basically from August 11th to September 14th, you’ll be able to get a level 50 Genesect over wifi for Pokemon Black and White 2.  This pretty much implies there’s not much longer to go before it gets released in other regions as well.

Here’s the scan confirming it:

So with the news that Genesect has finally been officially confirmed as a Pokemon and is being made available to Japanese Pokemon Black and White 2 players in just over a month, what do you think of the whole thing?  Does this mean when the game launches here Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will hold events announcing its release and give it out over wifi?

Mario Kart 7; Britain’s Fastest Family (PR Message)

You’ve probably heard about this competition Nintendo is holding where the best two family members who enter get to win a real car by getting the quickest times in time trial.  But in case you haven’t, Nintendo UK gave me this message about the event explaining what it’s all about:

Mario Kart 7: Are you part of Britain’s Fastest Family?

Since Mario Kart 7 arrived on the Nintendo 3DS in December 2011, many will have challenged their family members to a race for the chequered flag. Now, Nintendo is asking those same gamers to instead team up with their closest kin – to show they can take on the rest of the country.

We want to find Britain’s Fastest Family and are holding regional heats across the UK for those who think they and their mum, dad or even grandma have truly mastered the art of the Mario Kart games and have what it takes to prove it on a Nintendo 3DS console.

This Nintendo 3DS racing extravaganza also comes with some amazing prizes for the swiftest teams past the post. Those who manage to come out at the very top of the competition – having proved themselves in the Regional Heats and Grand Final – will walk (or should we say drive) away in a stunning new Honda Jazz Si. This sporty little 1.4-litre i-VTEC car has all the fun of a real-life Mario Kart motor, but comes with a little extra comfort, space, versatility and style thrown to make it an ideal family runabout. Not only that, but the champion team will also get their own limited edition trophy to prove yours is the fastest family on the Mario Kart 7 circuit and the teams that do best in their regional contests will receive a years’ worth of Nintendo 3DS games.

Entry to the competition is absolutely free and you can submit your time at any of the Regional Heats. Your team will need to consist of two members (one of which must be over the age of 18) and there should be a minimum age gap of 10 years between the two team members. In addition, you’ll need to be a resident of Great Britain. Apart from that though, all you’ll need is the skills to show you can handle the fast-paced kart racing of Mario Kart 7 – on the big stage!

Mario Kart 7 is just one of the Mario games that have entertained people of all ages and Nintendo platforms for years now. Having emerged on the Super Nintendo in the UK back in 1993, it has since appeared on the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Wii and DS. This latest incarnation for 3DS offers the usual frenetic fun across the landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom, with the added extra features that only come with the handheld 3DS console. This includes dazzling 3D visuals, StreetPass and SpotPass enhancement and a range of new courses and characters to enjoy.

You can find out more about the Britain’s Fastest Family tournament as well as the locations of the latest regional heats by visiting this website. Then it’s just a case of getting some lap practice in and picking a family teammate to join you!


This is a pretty great deal if you ask me.  Win a whole years worth of games and a free car for doing well at Mario Kart 7?  That’s great, especially with all the awesome games coming out this year!  It means you get games like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, New Super Mario Bros 2 (presumably), Paper Mario Sticker Star, Epic Mickey Power of Illusion, etc for absolutely nothing!

Unfortunately, there is one catch.  Namely you had a family member who’s also good enough to win the competition, and the age difference between both parties should be at least ten years.  You also need to be a British citizen to enter, but that’s not exactly unexpected and makes perfect sense for both prize distribution and legal reasons.

And finally, the entry dates for the regional heats are below, due to the fact it doesn’t seem to be stated on the website:

  • HMV TROCADERO: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV OXFORD CIRCUS: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV CROYDON: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV KINGSTON: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV BRIGHTON CHURCHILL: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV CANTERBURY: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV GUILDFORD: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV BASINGSTOKE: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV READING ORACLE: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV SOUTHAMPTON: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV BRISTOL CRIBBS: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV CARDIFF RESITE: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV SWANSEA: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV EXETER PRINCESSHAY: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV PLYMOUTH DRAKE CIRCUS: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV OXFORD: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV MILTON KEYNES: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV BIRMINGHAM BULLRING: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV NOTTINGHAM VICTORIA RESITE: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV DERBY: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV SHEFFIELD MEADOWHALL: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV MANCHESTER 90 MKT STREET: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV LEEDS HEADROW CENTRE: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV NEWCASTLE: 24 Aug – 25 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV GATESHEAD: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV EDINBURGH PRINCES ST: 17 Aug – 18 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV GLASGOW BUCHANAN ST: 10 Aug – 11 Aug 10am – 5pm
  • HMV ABERDEEN: 3 Aug – 4 Aug 10am – 5pm

And the final is apparently taking place in October, in Birmingham.

So start your engines racing game and Mario Kart fans, your Mario Kart skills could give you the chance of winning a free car and a whole year’s worth of 3DS games with Nintendo’s latest tournament!


Edit: This article has been edited as of June 2013 to fix all broken links. Sorry about any inconveniance that may have occurred beforehand.