Want a Transparent 3DS XL?

Because one was shown in a recent Iwata Asks interview, and it does look pretty nifty.  There’s no word on whether Nintendo is planning to release a system with the same design, but I don’t think it’d be the first time that Nintendo released a transparent video game system, would it?  Because according to a quick search they did release a transparent original Game Boy and a clear Game Boy Pocket back in the olden days.

Still, here’s what a transparent 3DS XL looks like:

Is there anyone here who wishes Nintendo would release a transparent version of the 3DS?  Would the style tempt any non 3DS owners to buy it?


New Super Mario Bros is about 300MB on an SD Card

Thinking of buying the eShop/digital download version of New Super Mario Bros 2?  Well you’d better have some space handy, since it apparently takes up 2,950 blocks or 370MB in total.  Basically, better not be buying too many games in download form if you’re using the standard 2GB card which comes with the system since merely downloading New Super Mario Bros 2 and Onitore/Devil Training will take more than a quarter of your SD card (the latter is 200MB in total)

Interesting thing to note is that New Super Mario Bros 2 is actually a bigger game technically than the Wii title was.  The Wii title is apparently about 340MB according to those lawbreakers who downloaded the game to their computer, so New Super Mario Bros 2 has just a bit more content in comparison.  Does this mean anything useful?  Is it a sign that there are more worlds/levels in the 3DS title?

So yes, that’s how much space you’ll need to download New Super Mario Bros 2 from the eShop when it’s released, so you’d better hope you’ve got some handy at the time.  And it looks a lot like buying every 3DS game released in digital form from now on is going to require a lot of different SD cards…

Do you plan to buy New Super Mario Bros 2 as a digital download from the eShop?


Fractured Soul taking a while because of online leaderboard feature

Or more precisely, because of how Nintendo’s approval system works.  You see apparently, because of the online rankings functionality, the game has to be approved in multiple regions or something.  And hence while Nintendo of America has approved the game, Nintendo of Japan is taking their sweet time and currently hasn’t.

Have to say, anyone else think this is rather funny?  That for once it’s Nintendo of America who were quicker at approving a game for release than Nintendo of Japan?  Reminds me a bit of the inverse situation to the whole Project Rainfall thing.  It also makes me feel a bit sorry for the development team now, they already have two publishers quit on them and now they’re stuck waiting for different branches of Nintendo to approve their game.

But here’s what the developers had to say:

Delays, delays, delays… It’s taking a bit longer to get FS approved for 3DS eShop. Specifically, the online rankings functionality is causing some grief. It’s been approved by Nintendo in the US but not yet by Japan. We’re hoping to get it through Japan very soon, then we can figure out when we’re allowed to release it. Very frustrating! We just want you guys to be playing it NOW!!

Oh well, the game should be made available soon enough, if Nintendo of Japan approves it and what not.


Lost Heroes; New Screenshots!

Yes, some new screenshots of the 3DS game Lost Heroes!  I don’t really have much to say about this one due to a bit of a lack of interest in the title, so enjoy the screenshots:

The screens were originally by Famitsu by the way.

It looks like a pretty decent game from the screenshots above, although I have no idea how anything of it works or what the menus and text mean, so I’ll withhold judgement until there’s footage of the game in English.

Wario Land 2 eShop Trailer

To promote the game’s rerelease on the 3DS eShop recently, Nintendo have made this new trailer for the classic platformer/puzzle game Wario Land 2.  It makes the game look as good as you’d expect and might encourage the odd person who was otherwise neutral to it to give the game a go, and it can be seen here:

It’s apparently a pretty good game, so I guess it’s wise to go ahead and buy it if you want to play an interesting Game Boy Color game on 3DS and try out one of Wario’s lesser known adventures.  What do you think of Wario Land 2, and have you bought the game on the eShop?