Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Videos show Music from Final Fantasy 7

Ever liked Final Fantasy 7 when it was originally released? Well you’ll be happy to know Theatrhythm Final Fantasy includes some of the great music from the game and various references to it, as shown in the videos below:

Top one is One Winged Angel, the final boss theme from the game, second is Aerith’s theme.  Pretty good music in both videos, and sure to bring back memories to people who grew up with the game back in the days of the original Playstation.

In other news, the game’s getting various reviews, most of which seem pretty positive.  1Up gives the game a B and says it’s an interesting cross between a music game and an old school RPG, although a bit repetitive:

IGN gave it an 8.5/10 recently and said it was a good game:

and I guess some of the others must have been positive as well.  If you like Final Fantasy, rhythm/music games or both, this looks like a decent game to buy.

What do you think of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its use of everyone’s favourite music from the series? Do you plan to buy it?

Kingdom Hearts 3D; New Trailer

It’s about the Dream Eaters or whatever this time, and the one shown in the video kind of looks like the worlds ugliest Kirby knockoff in existance.  It’s a decent trailer though, showing the kinds of abilities these things have and some gameplay from the game, and it can be watched here:

Yes, those things do look freaky.  The first one shown almost looks like what’d happen if Kirby tried to swallow Marx from Kirby Super Star!

Comment on what you think of this new trailer either in the comments or the official forum thread for this news at Nintendo 3DS Community!

Disney letting people choose the Epic Mickey Power of Illusion Box Art!

Yeah, they’ve posted two possible choices for the game’s box art on their Facebook page and have asked people who liked the game to vote on which one they want to see in the comments.  Here are the two box art choices:

It’s not much of a difference.  However, the one at the left shows the Disney villains looking out from each of their respective world portals while the one on the right merely shows the portals and Mickey.  Personally, I think the first one looks just that bit more interesting due to the added detail, and the game really does need all the help it can get to prove traditional platformers can sell, so the added villains might make a few more kids decide to buy the game.

That’s why I’d personally hope for box art 1, and from what I see on their Facebook page, most of the commenters agree with me here.

If you want to vote on it, visit their Facebook page here:

or here for the exact link:

Which of these possible box art images do you think Disney should use for Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion on 3DS and why?

Wait what, Retro Studios turns down Grant Kirkhope?

Yes, the legendary Rare composer who worked on games like Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark was turned down because they said they were ‘full’?  I’m sorry, while he may not be quite as good as David Wise, he’s much better than whoever the hell was hired to compose the original music from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Can you really say this isn’t high quality music?

On the one hand, I guess if Retro are full that’s sort of okay, but couldn’t they at least make an exception for a well known musician who worked on many of the best regarded and most popular games of the 90s?  I’m serious, any sane company if given the choice should hire someone with those kinds of credentials, even if it does mean getting rid of some more average composers.  How the hell is it a smart idea to hire someone nobody’s ever heard of and who’s only ever composed mediocre music over someone who’s almost famous in the video game industry to the point of having a Wikipedia page and a significant following?  If he made music for Donkey Kong 64, surely he’d be a great choice of composer for the inevitable Donkey Kong Country Returns 2.  Hell, hire this game and David Wise and you can literally fire every composer currently working at Retro Studios and still have a game with amazing music.  Seriously though, it’s a well known figure in a company which is supposedly losing a significant amount of employees, you’d think it’d be a sure thing.

What do you think of this situation and Retro Studios deciding not to hire Grant Kirkhope?


Don’t let your dog eat your 3DS!

No seriously, these photos posted on NeoGAF are a great example of what happens if you let your pet pooch use your 3DS as a chew toy.  Answer, the 3DS loses badly, gets torn apart  and looks like a speeding bus ran over it.

This obviously worries me just a tad, considering I happen to own a dog and all.  Not to mention, that said dog likes chewing anything and everything which falls to the floor ranging from the newspaper to the TV remote.  Guess I’d better be careful where I leave my 3DS in future if I don’t want it to look like this poor fellow’s one.

For more pictures of the carnage, look here:

and here:

So, does anyone here have any interesting stories of broken video game consoles in general?  Even ones that aren’t 3DS consoles?