This Week’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Downloadable Content

More Final Fantasy music has been released as downloadable content for this game by Square Enix this month, and you can listen to it below.  Here’s the track list for the month:

Final Fantasy II Dungeon (field stage)
Final Fantasy V Saigo no Tatakai (battle stage)
Final Fantasy XII East Dalmasca Desert (field stage)
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Megami no Kishi

As well as Square’s own videos giving you samples of what each one sounds like:

That’s some pretty good music, even though the samples given are stingy to say the least (about 20 seconds of each theme).  Seriously though, forget the game itself, it’s probably better to listen to the soundtrack given how good the songs are.

My thoughts on… Innovation within series of games.

Ok, I think I need to clarify my exceptionally clunky expression in the title. What I mean is… In video game industry, many people claim Nintendo are playing too safe with their franchises and not injecting enough innovation into their new instalments. As a Zelda fan, I must admit I’ve been doing the same things over and over since 1997 (The release of Ocarina of Time, the first truly bold leap the series took). But do you know what? I still buy the games. Why? Because they’re still as fun as when I powered up OoT for the first time.
People complain about Nintendo series going: “Ugh, Mario platformers aren’t really that great anymore. I hope they release a good one soon.’ If you’re like that, you might as well just stop reading this article now and go rip someone to pieces in CoD or whatever you play. Nintendo aren’t going to change the series just for YOU. If they gave you what YOU wanted, true, you’d find it the best series in the world for YOU, but several million other people would be completely alienated as it wouldn’t follow the same pattern which they expect and like.
Games are placed in series for 2 reasons: If their stories are connected or if their game-play is similair. If you don’t like the way Zelda plays, then quit moaning and play something else! Obviously, the Zelda games aren’t for you anymore! So, for the Kotaku’s and Sean Maelstroms of this world, go and play your NES games that you love! True, no series is perfect, but you can’t expect Nintendo to change aspects of their games which are integral to their structure just because YOU don’t like them!!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there, didn’t I? I don’t deal well with elitists, it’s a character flaw of mine…
Anyway… What do you think?

New Videos; Monster Hunter Tri G and Arc Style Football

Two more videos of 3DS games that don’t need a whole news post dedicated to them.

Monster Hunter Tri G Advert (Japan)

Wait, how’s this meant to tie into Monster Hunter again?  The gameplay footage at the end is nice enough, but what the heck has Japanese wrestling or eating a roast dinner have to do with Monster Hunter?

Maybe they’re saying something relevant in Japanese.  Oh well.

Arc Style; Soccer 3D

As for this game, I’m sorry to say this but it looks kind of mediocre.  True, my complete lack of interest in football at all might have something to do with this, but even then I don’t see the purpose of even trying to sell an independantly made football game on the eShop.  Haven’t games like FIFA already taken most of the audience for this kind of title?

But what do you think of these games and the videos above in general?

Kid Icarus AR Cards; All The ways to get the cards so far

So if you’ve ever wondered how to get these cards or how many there are total, keep reading.

VJumpBook’s Guide comes with 24 of them

Possibly a record for the most free AR cards yet?  It’s a Japanese guide for the game so you probably won’t be able to get it anywhere else, and I don’t know if AR cards themselves are region locked, but if you live in Japan this seems like a pretty good incentive to pay for the guide.

Spanish Official Nintendo Magazine features 6 AR cards

If you live in Spain (or Europe in general assuming they might be region locked, still no answer about that) you can get another 6 cards by buying the most recent issue of this magazine.

AR Cards handed out at several events

At these events Nintendo will be handing out packs of the cards:

WonderCon – March 16-18
PAX East – April 6-8
San Diego ComicCon – July 12-15
PAX Prime – August 26-28

So if you go to any of these (by now only the last three are still possible to attend), you can get a pack of random AR cards for the game.

Nintendo World Store gives one to first 250 customers

If you’re one of the first 250 people to buy Kid Icarus Uprising on launch day at the Nintendo World Store, you get the Three Sacred Treasures card.

Nintendo Power’s April edition comes with three cards

If buy the April 2012 issue of Nintendo Power, you get these three cards free:

Thanatos-God of Death
Medusa (Battle)

Game Informer’s April edition gives you a free card

If you buy the April 2012 issue of Game Informer, you get the Power of Flight card free.

From Club Nintendo

You can get a free pack of cards through Club Nintendo too, with these three included:

Great Reaper
Drill Arm
Palutena (Rare)

Free when you buy the game

Six randomly chosen AR cards come free when you buy the game.  So regardless of all other factors, you’ll at least have six of them.

Pit, Mangus and First Blade cards supposedly included by default among this selection.

From Pre Ordering the game (24 cards)
You get 24 cards free when you pre order the game.  Apparently a certain amount of these are pre chosen (the Greek pre order pack has the Power of Flight and Medusa cards as standard).

By pre ordering the game from GameStop Canada/EB Games

You can this set of five AR cards free:

By buying Kid Icarus Uprising chocolate

That chocolate Nintendo in Japan comes with a random AR card from a selection of 20 total.

Finally, some pictures/videos showing a ton of the cards we know of:

73 Different AR cards

Modojo’s AR Card collection

European Pre Order cards

Even More Ar cards

That’s another 70 cards you can see above, in case you were wondering.

Some of IGN’s Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards

Not as much as what we’ve seen in the other pictures and videos, but still quite a few.

And that’s how many total?

Hundreds apparently.  The serial numbers on the cards suggest there may be more than 329 of them, and the coding used allows for a maximum of 14,348,907 different cards.

When you factor in that they get given away by every possible means bar retail, this is not going to be a cheap game to fully complete.

That’s all as far as AR cards as concerned.  What do you think of the methods of getting them that are known about so far, as well as the total number there could possibly be?

I think it’s pretty impressive for just a bonus feature.  I just hope for everyone’s sake that these distribution methods don’t end up being the norm for Nintendo’s trading card game affairs.  Can you imagine the uproar if Nintendo limited Pokemon cards to being free with events and Club Nintendo rather than being buyable in shops?

Random 3DS Game Footage; Fire Emblem, Rhythm Thief and More

Because I don’t see the purpose of devoting entire pages to single videos and less than a hundred words of information, so I’ve gathered all the recent 3DS related videos of note and added them into this news post.  Hope you like them!

Rhythm Thief

Some footage of the Endless Dance mode uploaded by Nintendaan on Youtube. For those that actually care, he also says he beats his own high score.

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