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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Gets a Demo on Switch!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo

Are you excited for Kirby and the Forgotten Land? Want a quick taste of the title prior to its March 25th release date? If so, it turns out you’re in luck! Why? Because Nintendo has just released a free demo for the game on the eShop, complete with two stages and a boss battle to […]

Dataminer Finds Unused Character Models in Super Mario Strikers!

Unused Mario Team Models

As the screenshots and videos from the last Nintendo Direct make clear, Mario Strikers: Battle League is going in a very different direction from past games in the franchise. With an all new split field setup, some arenas based more on the Mario universe than the futuristic locales of titles past and new mechanics for […]

Nintendo (Somewhat) Fixes The Emulation for Nintendo 64 Online

Fixed Water Temple Room

As anyone who owns the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack knows too well, the emulator used in the Nintendo 64 Online app has been… spotty to say the least. Indeed, with games like Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario filled with glitches not seen in previous ports, titles like Mario Kart 64 being unable to […]

A New Pokemon Presents is Coming This Sunday!

Good news Pokemon fans! As the title suggests, a new Pokemon Presents has been announced for Sunday the 27th of February, complete with 14 minutes of information about the Pokemon game and series! Here’s the original announcement about it from the official Pokemon Twitter account: 2月27日(日)23時から、「Pokémon Presents」がポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネルでプレミア公開で放送決定!約14分の映像で、最新情報をお届けするよ。 #ポケモンプレゼンツ #PokemonDay — ポケモン公式ツイッター (@Pokemon_cojp) February 24, […]

Nintendo Acquires Long Term Development Partner SRD

Damn, it’s quite the time for buyouts isn’t it? Indeed, with Microsoft recently buying Activision-Blizzard, Sony buying Bungie and Nintendo buying Next Level Games, it seems like the last year or so has been packed to bursting with companies buying third parties to bolster their resources for game development. And it seems the trend isn’t […]

Street Fighter 6 Has Been Officially Announced

Street Fighter 6 Logo

But don’t expect to see any footage just yet. The only thing Capcom have posted about this game is the following teaser trailer, which is very minimal to say the least: You’ve got a pre rendered cinematic involving Ryu and Luke, a new logo for the game/series (which has spurred some criticism online), and (in […]

Pokemon Bank Will Be Free To Use Post eShop Shutdown

Pokemon Bank

Earlier today, Nintendo announced the 3DS and Wii U eShops would be closing in the foreseeable future. Hence from March 2022, no more eShop purchases or subscriptions will be allowed for the DS or Wii U, with only downloads of existing games and updates being supported. This made a lot of Pokemon fans worried. After […]

Nintendo is Closing the 3DS and Wii U eShops Soon

Nintendo 3DS eShop Pic

Well, it’s the end of an era. After more than a decade of 3DS support and about the same amount for the Wii U, Nintendo has announced that the eShops for said consoles will be closing in late March 2023. When this happens, no more games will be possible to purchase on these services, and […]

You Don’t Need the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC To Play the Tracks!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Artwork

When Nintendo announced Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was getting DLC, one of the worries we had was that it’d split the community. That’s because in the last version of Mario Kart 8, the DLC courses were separated from the others, and those without the DLC couldn’t play with people who had the DLC if the […]

Have Dataminers Figured Out Future Mario Kart Tour Tracks?

MKT Team Wario Group Artwork

When it comes to Mario Kart Tour, one of the most interesting aspects of the game is seeing what new tracks and characters every tour brings to the table. After all, it’s a once a month type deal, and one which has led to all kinds of amazing additions, ranging from characters like Pauline and […]

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