World Maps, Koopalings, and More are Coming to Super Mario Maker 2!


Well, this is a pleasant surprise isn’t it? Right out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker 2 is going to receive a new update tomorrow, complete with numerous new course mechanics and gameplay elements to liven up levels for the game. Here’s the trailer showing all the new additions in action: As […]

Modder Releases Super Mario Odyssey Demake for Nintendo 64

Super Mario Odyssey 64 - Release & Download-pAFxi6nuD80

Which as expected, comes courtesy of everyone’s favourite Super Mario 64 modder Kaze Emanuar. Just like he did with Super Mario Sunshine, Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Maker beforehand, he’s now remade Super Mario Odyssey as a hack for said game under the title Super Mario Odyssey 64, complete with numerous levels, mechanics and […]

No, Super Mario Odyssey isn’t Coming to PC

Though given the site you’re reading this on, you should know this already. Nintendo never releases their first party titles on other platforms, at least not after the 90s when the last few educational titles bit the dust. Yet that didn’t stop Amazon from having a listing for it, with the French version of the […]

Cooking Mama IP Owner: Cooking Mama Cookstar Was an Unauthorised Release

Cooking Mama Cookstar

Ah, Cooking Mama Cookstar. The game must be the biggest industry fiasco of 2020 at this point. It’s been accused of using Nintendo Switch consoles to mine bitcoin, made headlines for dubious claims about the blockchain and its use for ‘futuristic DRM’ and been randomly pulled from sale worldwide, before suddenly ending up for sale […]

Resident Evil 4 is Supposedly Getting a Modern Remake

RE4 Artwork

As you know, Capcom’s been remaking various Resident Evil games in the last few years. First they remade Resident Evil 2, which got rave reviews and sales, and basically revived the series in the eyes of many fans. Then they did the same for the third game, which didn’t do so well critically. Regardless, it […]

No Digital Event for E3 This Year

As you know, E3 2020 was cancelled earlier this year because of worries about the coronavirus pandemic. This was then followed up with comments about a possible digital replacement for the event, with companies being able to showcase their work online. However, it seems now that’s not going to happen. That’s because accordinng to the […]

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