Pokemon Needs a New Developer; Here’s Why

Pokemon Sword Shield Artwork

Recently, Game Freak has come under a lot of fire for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Basically, they recently said that players would be unable to transfer Pokemon not found in the Galar Pokedex into said games, making people’s cherished Pokemon teams and collections from previous titles unusable in these ones. It’s a move that’s annoyed […]

No, the Shantae 5 Intro Animation isn’t a Super Smash Bros Hint

Smash Bros Window

Recently, WayForward showed off a new intro animation for Shantae 5. Designed by the revered Studio TRIGGER, the animation is full of detail, and looks absolutely stunning in every way: But it’s not the intro itself we’re looking at today. No, it’s the ridiculous ‘hints’ people think they’re finding in said intro regarding character DLC […]

Why Extra Credits is Wrong About ‘Normalisation’ in Video Games

Recently, game design channel Extra Credits put out a rather controversial video on YouTube. Themed around ‘normalisation’ and its supposed effects on video game players, the video quickly became the source of much mockery, in most part due to how it fell into the same traps as conservative and feminist critiques of video game content. […]

Dry Bowser May Not Be the Final DLC Character in Mario Tennis Aces!

Mystery Character Slot

Yesterday, Nintendo released a trailer for Dry Bowser in Mario Tennis Aces. Seemingly meant as the final character, the Koopa King’s skeletal counterpart is a fitting end to the game’s roster, and offers a unique set of skills not present anywhere else in the title. Thing is, he may not really be the last character. […]

Unused World of Light Content Has Been Found in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Early Map Concept

Given the sheer amount of content in the game, it’s no surprise Super Smash Bros Ultimate has some unused elements lying around. After all, those characters went through various revisions in development, stages got built, changed and tweaked over time, and various things from past games likely got carried across at one point or another […]

Mario Royale Fan Game Gets DMCA Notice From Nintendo

DMCA Royale

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. With aesthetics and gameplay mostly taken directly from Super Mario Bros 1 and all the press coverage it was receiving, the question with Mario Royale wasn’t if Nintendo would take action, but when. And in this case, that ‘when’ turned out to be a couple of days ago. […]

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