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Nintendo Switch Update Adds Bluetooth Device Support and More

Nintendo Switch OLED

Well, it’s update time again for the Nintendo Switch! Yep, as the title suggests, Nintendo have released a new update for the system, which adds various new tweaks and features. With the most notable being bluetooth device compatibility. Now the system is compatible with various bluetooth sound devices, like headphones and speakers. So if you […]

Are Game Boy Games Heading to Nintendo Switch Online?

Ever since SNES games were added to Nintendo Switch Online, fans have wondered what other platforms might also be in the pipeline. Could we get a N64 Online, with games like Super Mario 64 and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Could a GameCube one be a possibility, along with the likes of Luigi’s […]

WarioWare Get It Together Leaks in Hong Kong

WarioWare Get It Together

Watch out Wario fans! Yep, as the title suggests, WarioWare: Get It Together has now leaked in Hong Kong, with various stores selling the game ahead of its typical release date. Because of this, it’s likely leaks for the title will appear online too. Let’s Plays, livestreams, ripped music and cutscenes… it’s almost certainly going […]

Zelda Breath of the Wild Glitch Disables Master Cycle, Amiibo

No Master Cycle Zero

Sadly for people playing said games, game ruining glitches are not exactly a rarity in modern Nintendo games. You had the Spring of Rainbows glitch in Paper Mario: The Origami King, which halted progression entirely if you backtracked at the wrong time. You had various issues in Dimble Wood in the Bowser’s Inside Story remake, […]

The First Full Length Wario Land 4 Hack is Now Out!

WL4 Parallel World

When it comes to ROM hacks, plenty of Nintendo games have impressive ones made based on them. You’ve got Super Mario 64, home to such classics as Super Mario Star Road and Super Mario 64: Last Impact. You’ve got New Super Mario Bros Wii, with things like the Newer Super Mario Bros games providing an […]

Source Code For The Simpsons Hit & Run Has Now Leaked Online

Damn, it sure is a crazy time for video game source leaks, isn’t it? First we had the code for various Pokemon games leaked online, from generation 1 onwards. Then we had the Nintendo gigaleaks, which gave us code for titles like Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island… And now it seems even cult favourites […]

Modder Adds Sooga from Age of Calamity to BoTW

New Sooga Boss

When Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was announced back in [year], fans expected the game would fill in a lot of missing details about the backstory in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. After all, it was going to be set in the Great Calamity with Link and the Champions, and (in theory) […]

Kamek is Heading to Mario Kart Tour

Kamek Tour

Well, it’s new character time again in Mario Kart Tour! Yep, after many months of no new ‘real’ playable characters, one has finally been announced for the game. That being Kamek, who’ll make his debut in the Kamek Tour starting on August 25th 2021! Here’s the post about it by Nintendo on Twitter: The Frost […]

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