The Gaming Reinvented Christmas Tournament Starts Tonight!

Are you a Mario Kart maestro? Do you feel you need a bit of festive cheer to liven up these dark days? Want to test your skills against the best Mario Kart players the internet’s gaming communities have to offer. If so, it seems you may be in luck. That’s because this Saturday at 8pm, […]

A New Indie World Showcase is Coming Tomorrow on December 15th

Indie World Showcase

Well, there is a pleasant surprise isn’t it? Yep, Nintendo have now announced that a new Indie Showcase presentation will air tomorrow, complete with 15 minutes of updates and announcements regarding new indie games for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s their post on Twitter confirming the event: Ring in the holidays with a new #IndieWorld Showcase […]

Sephiroth is Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Sephiroth Reveal

Look, we’re gonna be honest with you. When we heard the next fighter was being announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we expected one of two things. That being either: A new character from a third party franchise not represented in Smash (Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Fortnite, etc) Someone from a Nintendo game to represent a […]

Netflix is Getting a New Sonic 3D Animated Series

Sonic Netflix Artwork

Unlike Nintendo’s portly plumber, Sega has never been too shy about adapting Sonic to other mediums over the years. From the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to Sonic SatAM, and the Archie comics adaptation to the live action movie earlier this year, the blue hedgehog has appeared in no end of adaptations throughout the last […]

Why Are So Many Mario Games Ending March 31st?

Super Mario Bros 35 Artwork

As any Nintendo fan knows, March 31st 2021 is going to be an… interesting time for the Mario series. It’s the day when Super Mario 3D All-Stars is pulled from sale. It’s the day when Super Mario Maker on Wii U loses online support, with level uploads finally ceasing forever. And it’s also the day […]

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