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Why Paper Mario Color Splash Might Not Be So Bad

That’s right, I’m going to defend Paper Mario Color Splash. I want to try and focus on the positives and what could make this game fun, if people are willing to give it a try. Just a disclaimer, I don’t know everything about the game. I do want to play it and I’m trying to […]

1001 Ports

First there was Cave Story. Then came La Mulana. After that we got VVVVVV. We’ll be getting NightSky soon enough. And now Nicalis, publisher of all these rather good games is bringing us something new for the eShop. 1001 Spikes. 1001 Spikes is an enhanced port of the popular Xbox Live Arcade game, Aban Hawkins […]

Bit Trip Runner 2 coming to Wii U?

Bit Trip Runner 2, having recently pushed back to a November release, has been subject to the possibility of a Wii U port. This is not a definite confirmation, but definitely a possibility. Gaijin Games artist Mike Roush says: “(A Wii U version is) definitely something we’re thinking about. My guess is we will always be with Nintendo. Everyone […]

SEGA Game Gear Games now Avalible for Download

Starting today on the eShop Virtual Console, Sega Game Gear games will be available for download. Today you can get Sonic Triple Trouble, Shinobi and Dragon Crystal. Sonic Triple Trouble These aren’t the best Game Gear games ever, but there’s certainly more to come. Happy playing!

Get fat with Kid Icarus!

If you live in Japan, and you have a copy of Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo just made collecting AR cards a lot more fun. Nintendo released chocolates based off of Kid Icarus Uprising. With every bag contains an AR card, so Japanese gamers can eat chocolate while they scan their cards. In the US, however, […]

3DS Crossover Project reveals new myserious screenshot

New writer Link 70222 here to share some news about the 3DS crossover project between Namco-Bandai, SEGA, and Capcom. In the past, little was revealed about this game when it was first announced, and that’s still true. We originally had 2 screenshots of chromosome-like figures that were speculated to symbolize characters. These new screenshots were […]

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