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A Public Service Announcement “To: Larry Page, “

Dear Google Inc. and Googlers, This is an important service announcement concerning the future of your business. Just keep in mind I have never seen The Internship or any other movie interpretations of huge tech company leaders like Steve Jobs, Edward Snowden (the NSA is a tech company right?), and Mark Zuckerberg which may be […]

Pokemon Generations “Subliminal Cuts”

If you want to full truth behind the secrets Nintendo and Pokemon have been hiding then you are in for a wild ride as I analyze episodes 1-7 of the Pokemon Generations series. For those who are “Unaware”, Pokemon Generations is a 1st party animated shorts (which are “comfy and easy to wear”) series. That […]

The Facts You Need To Know About The Nonfiction World

You know eSports are getting to be popular and the well known eSports games are usually real time strategy games that requires playing the game a long time to get good, some really hard to get equipment/weapon to barter or compete over, and maybe DLC coming from the nasty developers who make the game and […]

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