Affiliate with Gaming Reinvented

Unlike with many sites, affiliation with Gaming Reinvented is very simple.  There are no set in stone guidelines that must not be broken for your site to be accepted (at least within reason) and the guidelines for activity that are required are very different from those used on most sites.

There are three guidelines your site should meet.

1. It should be active

Now I admit that this is a pretty vague guideline.  But I’m not after ‘visitor counts’ or how many posts a forum has or how many times a blog gets updated specifically, just whether day to day activity is semi decent.

You see, affiliation is a mutual thing, one site helps another and vice versa.  But no one site benefits if their affiliates are utterly dead and the last forum post on one or more was from January 2011.

So I just ask for proof that your site has regular day to day activity.  That you have no forum sections with posts from 2011 or further back without good reason.  That the site’s home page is updated at least monthly.

This isn’t purely a numbers game though, big sites can easily be stone dead and just look somewhat active through the posts accumulated over months or years.  I’ve seen sites with nearly 500 000 posts which get less than 100 or even 20 posts a day.  Sorry, but I don’t want such sites as affiliates.

Heck, I might even be more interested in the newer and much smaller sites as long as they show promise and comittment from their staff and members.  If your brand new site is getting even 20 posts a day or just 10 regular visitors it shows promise, and I’d rather back that kind of site than a larger one in a lengthy period of decline.

2. It should be interesting

If your site doesn’t make me interested in the topic, it’ll probably be turned down.  So if you want your site to be an ally of Gaming Reinvented, write content that your visitors and by extention me would want to read.

If your site makes me want to keep reading, I’ll add it.  If an article on said site is interesting enough that I spend the rest of the day thinking about what was said or even planning my own counter argument, I’ll add it.

For example, if your site covers Mario Kart 7, give me something I couldn’t get at Mario Wiki or Wikipedia.  Maybe that’s shortcuts, tricks or glitches I didn’t know before visiting.  Maybe that’s world record quality racing lines or in depth, interesting guides.  Even just a well written review that gives me more to think about than ‘this game is great because it’s Mario Kart, 10/10’.

Content is king, and if your content isn’t good, why the hell should you be added as an affiliate?

3. It should be (generally) legal

No ROM sites.  This is partly due to the fact that the staff at Nintendo 3DS Daily/Community tend not to be pirates, and partly due to the fact we could get into legal trouble for linking to them.

Nothing that would be seen as dangerous or involve violence. Or that involves bullying or harassment.  This is for various reasons, but mainly because we neither want to fall foul of the law nor end up potentially harming our visitors.

Finally, no sites with virus laden/infected advertisements or files will be accepted.  I don’t care how much you’re paid for ruining innocent people’s computers, you’re a scumbag and should burn in hell.  Why the people responsible for viruses/adware/spyware/other nasty stuff haven’t been thrown in prison yet is beyond me.

Also be warned, any sites which break the law and attempt to ask us for affiliation will be reported to the proper authorities and possibly shut down.

If you feel your site meets the above criteria, contact us via the link below and ask for affiliation.  Or

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