World’s Fastest Super Mario Bros 3 Speedrunner Races Against Stephen Colbert Cooking a Hot Pocket!

In the world of Super Mario Bros 3 speedrunning, Mitch Fowler (aka MitchFlowerPower) is a name everyone knows. Holding records for both Any % and No Wrong Warp, he’s beaten it in an incredible 3 minutes 8 seconds. That’s insane! Just one level of 3D World would take that long!

What’s more, it’s the time needed to cook a Hot Pocket. Or for a relay team to race one mile.

So when he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it was obvious what had to be done. Mitch had to beat Mario 3 faster than Colbert can cook and eat a Hot Pocket! No pressure, right?

And so here it is. Here is Mitch Fowler trying to beat SMB 3 faster than Colbert can cook a Hot Pocket, and a relay team can race one mile. Complete with running commetnary!

But does he succeed? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out. It is close though. So close in fact that only mere seconds divided the winner from the rest.