Super Mario Maker Is Getting Great Reviews

Super Mario Maker Artwork

Not sure if this really surprises anyone at this point, but Super Mario Maker’s review scores are looking incredibly positive as of this point in time.  Here’s a list of reviews and review scores I could find for the game, as seperated in various categories.  We don’t endorse all the sites below (hence the usage of if necessary), but the list should you give you a good idea about the game’s high level of quality, given how we couldn’t find a single negative review of the game on the internet as of this point in time.

General Gaming

Nintendo Specific

Non Gaming

Video Reviews


  • Famitsu: 37/40 (9/9/9/10)

Either way, the point is pretty clear.  Super Mario Maker is a great game, and you should buy it (especially if you enjoy playing Mario games).  Thanks to all the sites listed for reviewing the game, and we hope to find any future reviews and add them to the list in due course.


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