Super Mario Maker is Getting Checkpoints!

Well, this was long needed for the game.  The upcoming free update of Super Mario Maker will let players use checkpoints in their levels (by shaking the arrow sign object) as well as a few other things (like a ? block which gives you a different power up based on your current status). In addition, it also adds a harder Gnat Attack mini game, and a tab to view levels made by Nintendo themselves in Course World.

Here’s a trailer by Nintendo showing off the new features:

So what do we think?  Well, we’re glad the new features have been added, the checkpoint and item block thing are especially overdue.  But on the other hand… these all seem like features that the game should have had on launch day.  Heck, you shouldn’t even have to shake the Fire Flower to let Normal and Super Mario get a different power up from the block it’s in (other editors like Lunar Magic have item blocks working like this by default).

And the Course World thing is kind of redundant, compared to the much better option of letting people search by level names.  Do Nintendo really think that ‘official levels’ are more important than just being able to find existing ones easily?

But those are the additions in the coming Mario Maker update.  Do you like them?  Will they make you keep playing the game?


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