Invisible Block Glitch Courses Being Removed in Super Mario Maker

If you don’t know already, the invisible block glitch is a trick in Super Mario Maker where you place a track piece, an invisible block and cloud platforms to do things that you’re unable to do normally (like invisible solid blocks or fake ground that you fall through immediately).  But if you’re using it in your levels, then you should watch out. Why?  Because according to reports on various sites, Nintendo is taking down courses that make use of this trick.

Above: GameExplain explains the invisible block glitch in Super Mario Maker.

So yeah, watch out.  On the bright side, it does seem like you keep any ratings received for removed courses, so you won’t lose out on any stars you gained from them.

But what do you think?  Are you happy these courses are being taken down?  Or would you have rather Nintendo had left them up, even with the glitch being patched out?


Nintendo Deleted My Levels – Super Mario Maker Subreddit


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