Nintendo’s Next Mobile App Will Feature a Familiar Nintendo Character?

Well, that’s what Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima teased today. He mentioned that “The second game won’t be another communication app, and we plan to adopt one of our characters that fans are very familiar with”, implying that a more familiar franchise like Mario or Zelda might be the second choice.

In addition to this, somewhat credible rumour bringer Dr Serkan Toto implies the third game might be based around a familiar IP as well. Here’s his Tweet on the matter:

So what can we say about that? Well to be honest, not a lot really. Having a familiar character in a mobile app doesn’t mean it’ll be the kind of game people are hoping for, since Mario himself has been in everything from a series of platformers to a racing game to online mahjong and a NES era piece of sewing software (no really). Hence the new app could just as easily be Mario Sudoku as much as a new platformer or Angry Bird clone.

Above: Hopefully it’s nothing like this.

Either way, it could be good news for Nintendo fans disappointed with Miitomo. Since it seems like you’ll be getting something starring Mario or Link or whoever else after all!


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