Watch the Super Smash Bros Livestream!

Yeah, you know the drill. Here’s the embed for it:

I might keep a live blog for this one, if I get round to it.




Either way, it seems clear that this game has become fan service for Sakurai and Nintendo devs rather than gamers now. So to be honest, I'm not sure I'll buy the next few games. Not until a new lead developer takes over.

I call the poll into question. Unless 4chan spammed it, I strongly doubt Bayonetta was anywhere near the top choice, especially after indie devs tried to get fans voting for them on Twitter and Facebook. Are you seriously saying her votes outnumbered those for Shovel Knight, Shantae, K Rool, Banjo-Kazooie, Ridley and others?

Bayonetta for Smash Bros? Well, it's better than Shovel Knight, but I'm still annoyed.

Well, looks like Inkling has been deconfirmed!

Ashley Mii costume? Oh boy, the Wario fanbase will be pissed off now...

Well, that Geno costume has to be a slap to the face for Mario RPG fans...

No one cares about Mii costumes! Get on with the character reveals!

Cloud will become available later today.

Info about Cloud now. Don't really care, seen him already. Get to the ballot results!

Yay for some Fire Emblem guy I didn't know about nor care for.

Live blog active?

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