Warning: New Tool Lets People Post Fake Screenshots on Miiverse

If you’ve been on Miiverse in recent days, you’ve probably seen a certain amount of… ‘doctored’ screenshots going around. From Wolf in Super Smash Bros 4 to Mario Maker 3D on the 3DS to various hacked tracks on the Mario Kart 7 one, it seems like fake screens are popping up all over the place.

mk 7 hack

wolf pic

Above: Some example pictures from Miiverse communities…

And the reason why? Well, according to someone on Reddit, a tool has been made that lets you post fake screenshots on Miiverse. So in other words… you can post anything you like, say it’s an in-game picture and give people no way to check if you’re lying or not. Here’s the thread about the tool on GBATemp, where it’s conveniently named the ‘Miiverse Custom Image Tool’:

Miiverse Custom Image Tool Release – GBATemp

As you can see, it lets you spoof the game ID associated with pictures on an SD card, allowing you to post anything you like to a Miiverse community.

But yeah, until this is fixed, don’t trust anything you see on Miiverse, since there’s now no way to check whether a picture is real or not. This goes double for popular games with a lot of hype, like Mario Kart 7/8, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, since those are the most common targets for hoaxers.

What do you think of this tool and its questionable uses?


PSA: Do Not Trust Anything on Miiverse Right Now – Reddit


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