The Nintendo World Store Is Getting a Makeover!

From January 19th to February 19th, the Nintendo World Store in New York will be closed while it undergoes major renovation work.  It will be getting a new look and feel, demo units for 3DS and Wii U games, a large demo screen for games and (apparently) a giant bronze coin at the entrance with the tagline ‘Where everyone comes to play’.

But that’s not the interesting thing.  Okay, it’s certainly interesting to some extent (as is the other info like the store having giveaways, selling exclusive merchandise like T-shirts and having costumed characters).  But what truly interests me is the new title; Nintendo NY Store.

Why?  Well, the original was the Nintendo World Store.  So the implication was that it was the Nintendo store, that no others would be opening in other locations.  But a mention of the term ‘New York’ in the name?  That’s interesting.  It implies that in future, we might get multiple Nintendo stores, perhaps in different parts of the world.  And if places like the UK, or maybe Canada, or Australia, or France (or anywhere else in the world) get them, that’s gonna make things a whole lot better and more convenient for the Nintendo fans unable or unwilling to pay the price of a plane ticket to the US.

But what do you think?  Is this rebranding a possible sign the Nintendo World Store might not be exclusive to North America in future?  And if so, where would you want another one to open?


Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Plaza Gets a Massive Makeover – My Nintendo News


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I visited the store about 6 or 7 years ago, a really neat place. Bought myself a Fire Emblem and Pokemon game from there. Shame it hast to close for a whole month, kind of screws the visiting people.


The implications of the name change gets me all giggidy.

Then I remember Nintendo doesn't think much of Australians like to open a shop here… oh well, it costs no money to merely dream.

I've never been to a Nintendo Story, lucky New Yorkers. 😛


I've wanted to go to a Nintendo store, but I've noticed that GameStop is getting a ton more things than I remember there being. I first went to GameStop in 2009 when I moved from Germany since there were no GameStops in Germany, not even on the military base I lived at the time.