Super Smash Bros Update Live with New Stages and Costumes

No new characters yet, that’s coming after the ballot closes in the next week or so. But instead, we now have a couple of new stages and Mii costumes available for Super Smash Bros 4! These include a stage based on Super Mario Maker (which was shown off a few weeks ago), the return of the Pirate Ship stage from Super Smash Bros Brawl and a version of the Duck Hunt stage for 3DS players. Here are some videos showing the new stages:

As far as music goes, the Super Mario Maker stage has the following songs assigned to it:

  • Style Switch: Ground Theme (SMB ground theme)
  • Title (Super Mario Maker)
  • Mario Bros. (the tune from the arcade game)
  • Super Mario Bros Medley (a medley of SMB 1 songs, including the ground theme and castle theme)
  • Ground Theme/Underground Theme (the SMB 1 ground and castle themes mixed into one)
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros)
  • Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros)
  • Princess Peach’s Castle (likely the Melee remix for Adventure Mode)
  • Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Medley
  • Super Mario Bros 3 Medley
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros 3)
  • Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros 3)
  • Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)
  • Super Mario World Medley
  • Yoshi’s Island (Melee)
  • Fortress Boss (Super Mario World)
  • Castle/Boss Fortress (Super Mario World/SMB 3)
  • Title/Ending (Super Mario World)
  • Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros)
  • Athletic Theme/Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros 2)
  • Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros 2)
  • Ground Theme (New Super Mario Bros U)
  • Peach’s Castle Stage
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros 3, the original one)
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros 2, the original one)
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros, the original one)
  • Ground Theme (Super Mario World… you guessed it)

Nintendo World Report made a nice video showcasing all of it here:

Yes, that’s pretty much every Mario related song in the original Super Smash Bros for Wii U… as well as a couple of new ones based on Super Mario Maker. You certainly can’t fault the song variety with this one!

The music in the Pirate Ship stage is likely as equally diverse, since videos have shown everything from Gerudo Valley to the Great Sea music playing in the background.

So those are the new stages.  The new costumes?  They’re a bit less interesting, but including hats and outfits based on Toad, Viridi, Foz, Captain Falcon and various characters from the Monster Hunter series.  They can be seen in this video by NintendoViewer:

The Super Mario Maker costume costs $2.49 for one version or $3.49 for both, the Wind Waker Stage costs $2.49 and the costumes cost either 0.75 for one version or $1.15 for both.  The 3DS Duck Hunt stage is completely free.  All of these extras are available to buy or download right now, so you should go and get them if you have any interest in using them in the foreseeable future.

But what do you think?  Do you like the new DLC stages and costumes?  Are you buying or downloading any of them?  Or are you perhaps waiting to see who wins the ballot first?


Smash Bros Update Lives, Adds New Stages and Costumes – Nintendo World Report


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