Splatoon Invisibility Glitch Has Been Fixed

Earlier today, a glitch was found that lets you turn invisible in Splatoon. Well, sort of. What actually happened was that the graphics got out of sync somehow, and your character’s model appeared to be somewhere high in the clouds instead of where you actually were in the stage.

Here are some videos showing the bug:

None the less, it was broken. Especially given how it wasn’t just invisibility; you were partly invincible with the bug as well. That’s pretty bad in an arena shooter game. Especially with the final Splatfest fast approaching…

Fortunately though, now it’s been patched. The developers have released a patch to update the game to version 2.10.0. This update:

Fixes a bug where it could appear as if players are floating in space off the stage, though actually they are on the stage’

And given that the latest updates are needed to play online, this should hopefully stop the game being quite as broken as it was earlier today. It’s not a big patch either (just 9MB of space is needed to install it), so get it installed and go back to playing Splatoon as normal.

Splatoon Patch Details – Official site