Someone’s Extracted the List of Censored Words on the 3DS?

Ever wondered why you can’t name your Miis after vulgar terms? Or why certain website names seemed to be censored from other communication features on the console, like ‘Chat Roulette’?

Well, that’s due to a list of censored words the 3DS checks against, which includes what seems to be hundreds of questionable terms and phrases.  But now, it seems like someone’s found said list and posted the whole thing online.  Here it is:

Full List of Censored Words on 3DS – Reddit

It’s quite… something isn’t it?  It kind of says something about Nintendo, or perhaps the people that work there that they somehow found 17 whole documents worth of words to ban from Mii names and phrases, especially given how ridiculously obscure and insanely stupid some of these insults and terms are.

And it also seems like you can now deactivate said word list, through a nice bit of hacking.  Just delete the file 000400DB00010302.cia from NAND, and hey presto, the word censoring goes away. So now, you can name your Miis absolutely anything, regardless of how ‘vulgar’ it may be:


Above: A ‘fine’ example via Reddit

So yeah, have fun. Either read the list and laugh at Nintendo’s insanity (or the intern likely paid pennies to come up with the list), or remove the file altogether and watch the fireworks.


A Full List of Censored words on 3DS – GoNintendo


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