Possible Game Breaking Hyrule Warriors Legends Glitch Found?

The last few generations have not been good to Nintendo on the glitches front. From all the spawn bugs in Zelda Twilight Princess to the broken gyro in Mario & Luigi Dream Team and the infamous Lumiose City corruption bug in Pokemon X and Y, their games have been getting increasingly unstable from at least the end of the Gamecube era. But now, it seems like yet another game breaking bug may have been found, this time in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Above: Fortunately, it’s probably not as bad as that.

So what is it? Well, let this guy on the GameFAQS board for the game tell you:

Finished the fairy fountain scene and it announces Zelda has left the battlefield, however I was playing her and never swapped. Now King Dodongo has shown up and my screen was following a bokoblin. Even had all his hearts up the top, although I couldn’t do anything. Then a soldier killed me and the game announced defeat. Then the game crashed. System has restarted itself.

Above: Anyone else got this glitch – GameFAQS (Hyrule Warriors Legends board)

It also seems like this bug may have broken part of the save file, since resuming the level apparently causes the game to crash on the spot. It’s probably avoidable by just restarting the stage instead of continuing from where you left off, but that’s pretty broken none the less.

So yeah. If the game’s rumoured instability on the original 3DS wasn’t enough for a patch to be released, then this bug definitely seems like it’ll need one. You shouldn’t be encountering glitches that crash the game at random, or even cause problems when you resume playing a level.

Have you encountered this Hyrule Warriors Legends issue yet?


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My game worked perfectly until they made an update, now it keeps crashing to the point where it is useless =(
It crashes more often than not, just rarely letting me finish an adventure map if I run past most…..


For myself the game won’t even launch, it is contently crashing and it took a day to finish the first level because i would have to save every second.


I haven’t ran into this glitch yet. But I don’t really play the main story anymore anyway. But it does sound pretty lame.

Irwin Choa
Irwin Choa

There is a glitch at Wind Waker – A New Disturbance, when you start the playing the Wind Waker – A New Disturbance Scenario I can’t move Tetra. When I try to select her the game freezes and goes back to the home screen. Maybe because I unlocked Tetra on Powersaves for 3 ds. I think that not suppose to be that way. You mean that you will never get to unlock Tetra and it won’t hang? Please help. Thanks.


Kind of the reason I won't get this game because I don't think it really works well on the handheld. Plus Nintendo's knowledge still lingers from the old days in content making.

Link 70222

By the sounds of it, you just have to redo the mission. It's nothing too bad. I've seen worse glitches. *Cough*allofassassin'screedunity*cough*