Have Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Starter Evolution Types Been Leaked?

When it comes to Pokemon Sun and Moon, quite a few things were leaked much earlier than intended. Like the games themselves in a European trademark listing. Or the starters and legendaries in the recent Japanese trademark leaks. Or heck, whatever the heck a Marshadow is, given that it was included in the same list yet has no presence among the revealed Pokemon for the generation.

But now, it seems the pattern has come around again. As Youtuber pdwinnall has found out, there are some interesting resources on the official site. Here’s his video about it:

The official website has unused icons for Ground and Fighting type Pokemon. The former is stored near Litten’s type, the latter near Popplio’s. Yes, this is real. I have actually tested what he mentions in the video, and those images really are on the Japanese site’s server. For example, here’s the Ground type label:

Ground Icon

And here’s the Fighting one:

Fighting Icn

Both are straight from the official site. You can confirm this by going to one of the following addresses:



They’re not the English site by the way. That uses plain text for the Pokemon types.

Note the above aren’t linked, because it’s pretty likely the people working on the site will take them down now the rumour is all over the gaming media. But they really are there, and they really do seem to be associated with the starters.

So it seems like (based on the image order) that Rowlett will either be Grass/Flying or Grass/Ground, that Litten will be either Fire/Ground or just Fire and that Popplio will be Water/Fighting respectively.

But this isn’t quite confirmed yet. After all, we don’t know that it’ll be the final evolution that changes type… it wasn’t that way in generations 3, 4 or 5. We also don’t know exactly which of the rumoured typings above will be correct, since all we have are the order the images are stored in on the server. But based on these leaks, it’s quite likely that we know at least some of the typing information for the starter evos, as well as that this generation should avert the ‘Fire/Fighting’ pattern once again.

What do you think though? Do you want a Water/Fighting evolution for Popplio? Or either Rowlett or Litten to evolve into a part Ground Pokemon?


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Rowlett is already Grass / Flying, so I doubt it would change types when it evolves.


They are not doing that water pokemon any favors in design.