Nintendo; Choose What Questions to Ask Tri Force Heroes Developers!

Despite the game coming out in the very near future and the many hours of video footage available for it online, it seems we don’t really know much about The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes and how it fits into the whole Zelda ‘canon’ thing.  Where is the game in the timeline?  Is it canon?  What does it have to do with Four Swords Adventures?  As of now, we don’t seem to know.

But thankfully, answers to these questions (and more) could be coming very soon! Because you see, Nintendo is having an interesting poll over on Twitter.  They’ve posted a list of possible questions to ask the game’s developers, and the fans have to vote to see which ones make the cut!  Here’s the list of questions to choose from:

Honestly, we’d like to see the whole timeline thing answered ourselves. One Nintendo employee has said it’s canon, another has said it isn’t. So to get a proper answer to the canon question would be a nice thing to see.

But what do you think? What questions do you want to see the Tri Force Heroes devs get asked? You know, other than ‘why is this game being made instead of [insert remake name here]?’


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