New Pikmin Game Announced for 3DS!

Well, sort of anyway. It’s a Pikmin game, but it’s not quite as you know it.

Instead, it’s a 2D platformer/adventure game! With Pikmin used to solve puzzles, collect treasures and beat bosses! Here’s the announcement from the recent Nintendo Direct:

So what can I say about it?

Well, it’s not going to please every Pikmin fan, that’s for sure. I mean sure, it won’t cause as much backlash as Paper Mario Color Splash or Metroid Prime Federation Force did. Because you know, this is a spinoff meant to tide us over till the NX game and we haven’t waited year since the last real instalment in the franchise. Nintendo cares more about the Pikmin series than that.

But its still a 2D platformer in an age with far too many of them, and it still gives some uncomfortable Chibi Robo Zip Lash flashbacks. So a certain percentage of Nintendo fans is very much not pleased with this announcement, and it could be a tough sell in future.

Either way, the new Pikmin game launches in 2017. Let’s hope it’s better than the trailers are making it look right now.


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