Mario Kart 8 Difficulty Mod is Released!

Do you think Mario Kart 8 is too easy? Feel like you don’t get much of a challenge from the AI, even in 200c? Want to face superhuman opponents that never miss a single item shot?

Above: I could SO beat this blindfolded…

Well, you’re in luck! Because over at video game hacking site GBAtemp, a user called memoryman3 has released a mod that ups the difficulty of the AI across the board! What does this mean? Well, this:

“Easy” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Normal mode, with the CPU difficuly set to “0.92f”
“Normal” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Hard mode, with the CPU difficulty set to “1.015f”
“Hard” mode activates the buffed CPU’s, their difficulty set to “1.185f”, You’ll need to take near perfect lines, firehop, and make sure not to get hit. Their item accuracy is also vastly improved. The slower CPU’s have their difficulty raised from “0.5f” to “0.92f”, making it more likely for you to fall behind.

In addition to this, hard difficulty AIs will:

Almost always land a perfect shot when using items. So if there’s a CPU character on your tail, that Green Shell is basically guaranteed to smash into you. Don’t have an item to defend yourself? Sucks to be you, since these guys have the accuracy of a military sniper.

Always land a perfect Rocket Start on hard mode. Better be good at getting off the start grid, otherwise even the lowest performing racers will leave you in the dust!

Always land tricks. This means they will get that boost off every ramp, piece of uneven ground and obstacle.

And harshest of all, 200cc AI will never mess up. They won’t ever fall off the track unless shoved off/hit with an item, nor will they ever bump into walls. Better good at Rainbow Road, since the AI are going to be blasting through that track like someone out of F-Zero GX!

So that’s the mod. How do you use it? Well, you take the files from the zip file in the source topic, then put them into the vol/content/race_common/ai folder in Caffeine. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a system to patch files in Wii U games. Bit like what you could do with Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart Wii back on the Wii console.

And that’s the mod. Are you ready to face some of the hardest Mario Kart AI in the series?


Mario Kart AI Mod – GBAtemp