The Fan Translation for Fire Emblem Fates is Cancelled

It was meant to bring about more faithful translation for Fire Emblem Fates, but it seems like the unofficial English translation for the game is now finished. The reason? Well apparently, the team were getting burned out on the project, and hence decided to call it a day after restoring the support conversations. Any new changes made since version 3.0 (other than the support conversations) won’t be released either.

Above: A video of this mod/translation in action

But don’t panic! Sure, this major translation of the game may now be canned due to personal reasons, but it’s not the only one out there. And the one Fire Emblem Fates mod that’s designed to bring back things like petting, swimsuits and Japanese naming is still going fine. So if you want a version of Fire Emblem Fates without the Nintendo Treehouse approved changes made to it, there are other options available.

Either way, what do you think? Are you disappointed the fan translation for Fire Emblem Fates is done for, and the team have called it quits? Or are you just going to wait for a replacement project, like the others likely in development right now?


Fire Emblem Fates If (English Translation) [DONE] – Serenes Forest


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meh, is the translation that really messed up that fan translation is needed? Their time would be better spent on unreleased FE games or other games in the same situation.


At least there are other projects going on. Hopefully they will balance better their lives with the project and don't end like this one. I really hope they can finish the 'restoration', it must be a huge job to basically replace every text of the japanese version just so we can get the original experience.