3DS Exploit Updated to Allow ROM hacks and eShop Access

A couple of months ago, we covered a 3DS ‘hack’ by someone called Smea that allowed users to run homebrew applications on the system via an exploit in the Youtube app. But while TubeHax (as it was called) has been blocked by a mandatory update, it seems Smea himself has been busy working on new ways to run custom code on the system. So now, all the 3DS hacking methods have been updated and work with the latest system firmware. What’s more, they now allow:

  • ROM hacking via file replacement, kind of like what’s possible on the Wii with New Super Mario Bros and Smash Bros
  • eShop access for those on older firmware versions
  • 3DS GPU overclocking in any game
  • In game screenshot taking by pressing the home button

And quite a ton of other cool stuff besides. Here’s a video showing it off:

It’s a pretty cool update, and it seems like one that will certainly make things more interesting for 3DS hackers and homebrew developers in the foreseeable future.  Mods of Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2? Running older 3DS games with more power behind them?  A quick replacement for a basic capture card for anyone not willing to spend hundreds on one?  The possibilities seem kind of endless.

But what do you think?  Are you interested in these hombrew/exploit/hack updates?  Are you going to use them on your 3DS, now that they’re available?


The Homebrew Launcher Website – GitHub


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