2 Arrested as They Attempt to Attack Pokemon World Championships

In an event that was way too close a call for comfort, Boston Police have arrested two men who threatened Pokemon World Championships attendees with violence.  Notified after someone spotted their threats on social media, they were caught at their hotel just hours before trying to enter the event building.  The individuals had several unlicensed weapons in their car, with (as per the My Fox Boston report) a 12 gauge shotgun, an AR-15, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife recovered from the vehicle after a search warrant.


The Pokemon Company said they were made aware of the threat, commenting that they ‘gathered information quickly and gave it to the authorities at John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, who communicated with the Boston Police Department’.  They also said that they take the safety of their fans seriously, and will continue to ensure proper security measures are a priority.

Thank god the police acted on this as quickly and efficiently as they did, because this sort of situation is absolutely horrible.


2 Men Arrested with Several Guns Near Pokemon World Championships – My Fox Boston


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