Nintendo Launches Developer Portal Website!

Well, a new developer site anyway. It’s a very nice replacement for the old Wario World they used to use, and less 90s esque too:

nintendo developer site

Above: Mobile reponsive too.

But there’s something else that’s interesting here too. Namely, it seems like their development requirements are much more relaxed this around.

Why? Because now anyone can register on Nintendo’s dev site. You don’t need development experience, nor have to be a company. heck, you can even work from a home office this time around. Seems Nintendo are embracing an iOS style ‘anyone can become an eShop developer’ philosophy this time around.

So that’s one nice change. It’s easy for anyone to get started with making games for Nintendo systems now, and they don’t need to wait and see if their application gets accepted or not.

Another change is that this is now the only developer portal for Nintendo. Everyone making games for Nintendo systems (whether they be an indie dev or a company the size of EA) uses the same website and resources. There’s no distinction between an individual and a company, or download only games and retail ones.

They also allow devs from all regions to join too. So unlike before, developers from the US, Europe and Japan will be members of the same Nintendo website. Much easier than having to navigate different systems based on where in the world your company is located.

Either way, if you want to make games for Nintendo systems, this one is for you. Just sign up to the new site via the link below. That’s all there is to it.

Nintendo Developer Portal (official site)