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Usually here on Gaming Reinvented, I don’t tend to post videos from Did You Know Gaming. Okay, they’re usually moderately interesting (albeit sometimes poorly researched), but for the most part, they tend to stick to stuff that just about every dedicated fan already knows.

But today, Did You Know Gaming put up a new video, based on the Mario Party series. And do you know what?

I thought it was quite an interesting watch. I mean, Mario Party’s not exactly a common subject for ‘things you didn’t know’ lists, so to see a video which goes into things like beta content, developer motivations and responses to the franchises’ reviews was rather intriguing. Here’s the video:

I especially liked the certificate Nintendo sent to GameInformer after their bad reviews of Mario Party 1 and 2. That’s not something a company usually does in regards to their critics, even less so when the company in question is Nintendo. Imagine if they did that to critics of some of their modern games, like Super Mario Maker or Luigi’s Mansion 2!

That said, there are a few more things I’d like to point out about the Mario Party series and Nintendo, which might interest people who’ve watched the above video.
For example, the control stick rotation mini games and their response is the likely reason why the first game in the Mario Party series has never reached the Virtual Console. True, modern controllers are less likely to cause blisters when spun like this, and true, people know about the issues that method caused back in the day, but it’s still a risk Nintendo doesn’t want to take. So instead of spending thousands of dollars removing mini games (or maybe hundreds of thousands trying to reprogram them to use a different control scheme), they just moved straight onto Mario Party 2.

Another thing that’s interesting is that after Mario Party 8, Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America’s English translations started to diverge more and more. Apparently, this is because the two groups started doing their localisations separately, rather than the European guys relying on the American translations and changing a few words here or there. Hence why The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks calls Byrne ‘Stavern’. Or why Luigi’s Mansion 2 calls the Poltergeists ‘Boffins’, the ScareScraper the ‘Thrill Tower’ and the Shrewd Possessor the ‘Scornful Possessor’. Or why the various memes added into the recent Zelda and Fire Emblem games by ‘Treehouse’ don’t tend to appear in the British versions of the games.

Above: The ‘Thrill Tower’.

Also, even before the ‘spastic’ thing caused a recall, they narrowly avoided another one in Super Paper Mario. Compare:

I think I’ll start with the green one. The shag upon his lip will make a fine trophy! (US version)
I think I’ll start with the green one, he looks like a pushover. (PAL version)


SHAG?! This mustache is pure Luigi! (US version)
Pushover?! I’ll show you who’s a pushover! (PAL version)

So if this line hadn’t been changed, it’s quite likely Super Paper Mario might have been the game getting recalled instead. This link to the Cambridge Dictionary site should give you a good idea about why.

But what did you think of Did You Know Gaming’s video? Were there any Mario Party facts you didn’t know there? Leave your comments either here or at the forums today!


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I watched that earlier this morning. I was baffled that they expected people to spin the control stick with your thumb during control stick spinning mini games. There's no you would win without the palm of your hand, the stick was too stiff.


Saw it this morning as well, kind of shocked that Nintendo was held responsible for all damage and among other things.

Though does anyone know why they use cars in these games? I heard that another country held rights or something?