Full Screen Mario Has Been Taken Down… Again

Wait, what?

How is this possible? The game was already taken down. Its site was already replaced with a ‘Full Screen Take Down Notice’. It was even mentioned and documented in our list of fan projects shut down by Nintendo a short while ago!

Well, yes. And no. You see, the site itself has been down for years now. But the code for the project was actually posted on GitHub at the same sort of time the site itself launched. The result? The code has been actively developed, forked and had issues reported ever since. It also let you download the game to play locally, or upload it to your own server. Here’s what used to be its repository there:

Full Screen Mario – GitHub Repository

Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo discovered the GitHub version as well. As a result, the repository has been removed with the following notice:

Repository unavailable due to DMCA takedown.

This repository is currently disabled due to a DMCA takedown notice. We have disabled public access to the repository. The notice has been publicly posted.

They also posted the DMCA notice, which seems to be from Nintendo’s typical legal organisation of the moment (Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP).

So what do I think about this?

Well to be honest, I do wonder how effective it’ll even be. Sure, you can take down a GitHub repository, but the game is open source (the clone, not the original). As a result, it could easily keep reappearing on GitHub, private websites and torrent sites alike. That’s the ‘magic’ of open source, taking it down is virtually impossible, because of the Streisand Effect and the general tech savvyness of its authors.

I’m also wondering how it took them so long to find this. I mean, it doesn’t seem it’d be that hard to find this repository, right? And it is a HTML, CSS and Javascript game that’s been known about for years now. Maybe it’s partly because the maker mentioned it in an interview about his time at Microsoft. That interview can be found here.

Still, it’s done now. Full Screen Mario is now off of GitHub too, thanks to another Nintendo takedown. Will it return? What do you think?


Game Over: Nintendo Takes Down Full Screen Mario Code – TorrentFreak


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Come on, Nintendo!


Yeah Nintendo, how dare you take down free versions of your games from the internet! It's ridiculous, every time Nintendo makes one of these dumb decisions it just makes me wanna go out and buy a PS4, I know Sony would never pull a stunt like this! I HATE NINTENDO!