Data Miner Finds Trading Related Options in Pokemon GO

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Amongst quite a few other interesting unused things as well. These range from type specific incenses to extra gym options and new mechanics.

Here’s his original post on the Silph subreddit about the findings:

Some Interesting Things in the Pokemon Go Code

So what exactly is included here? Well, let’s go through all the stuff he lists and figure it out for ourselves, shall we?

First up, we’ve got the whole incenses thing. Apparently, there are three unknown incenses in the code:

  • Item_incense_spicy
  • Item_incense_cool
  • Item_incense_floral

There’s no extra information on how these work, but it’s probable they’re type based. So the spicy one would attract only fire type Pokemon, the cool one ice type Pokemon and the floral one would attract maybe grass or bug type Pokemon. This would make a lot of sense, given the achievements for collecting a number of Pokemon for each type. I mean, how much easier would it be to get the Kindler medal if you can specifically attract fire types to your location? Much easier I’d say.

It could also be a sort of way to get certain Pokemon, while not making it too easy for completionists. Want another Charmander? Then use a spicy incense, which will obviously up the chances of one appearing without guaranteeing it.

There’s also a string called activity_catch_legend_pokemon. Presumably, this is related to the player catching the legendary birds, Mew and Mewtwo.

And based on the general format? I’d give a good guess that it’s tied to an event of some sort. I mean, why else would you include ‘activity’ in the name?

Trading seems to be in the works too. Trade_search is likely used when the player is looking for people to trade with. Trade_offer is likely sent in response (like say, when you accept the trade request and put up a Pokemon). And trade_response and trade_result seem fairly self explanatory.

Finally, it seems like the system has some sort of setup for time related mechanics too. Why? Because there’s an item labelled Item_effect_cap_chance_night. Maybe this is a special Poke Ball or item that makes night time catches more likely to succeed? Because the main games do have something called a Dusk Ball after all. So it’s possible something similar could be in play here.

So yeah, it seems some interesting things might be coming to Pokemon GO in the foreseeable future. But will they increase people’s interest in the game again? And what effects do you think these items might have anyway?


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